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    Lixin Liu, male, born in July, 1966. He is a Chinese Communist Party party member, Engineer, economist, a Outstandingscientific and technical worker and an Advanced Individual of the Resource Conservationuse of Hebei Pro. Now, Lixin Liu is the vice-Secretary of the Party Committee and vice-Chairman of Hebei Lihua Hats Manufacturing Group Ltd., Co.
     Lixin Liu worked in Lihua Group since 1985, and became the works superintendent of Repair Department on Feb, 1990. Since 1992 Lixin Liu was the works superintendent of the Fifth Department, of which always keep the first level quality and quantity, in Lihua Group, So he was chosen as the most excellent works superintendent through public appraisal, and since he got up to the leading role. On 1996, Lihua estabulish the enterprise group. Lixin Liu was in the saddle vice-general manager, director of Lihua Group, and also take charge of Lihua factory under Lihua Group. On 1999, Lixin Liu was the vice-Secretary of the Party Committee. And since Oct of 2004, he is vice-Secretary of the Party Committee and vice-Chairman of Hebei Lihua Hats Manufacturing Group Ltd., Co.
    Lixin Liu study diligently and did well in business management, and he also got high diathesis in organizing and leading. And he always keep the advanced management of the Chairman of Lihua Group. Besides, Lixin Liu sum up some new, correct and scientific management system. All of these management systems were good at arousing the staff's enthusiasm, and made contributions to the development of Lihua Group.
Lixin Liu pay more recognition on human resource, take care of workers, think of much team spirit. He fetched in many skilled workers, and some of them became middle-class leaders of Lihua Group.
     Lixin Liu is good at foreign affairs, keep a good relationship with all the customers of Lihua Group. And positively builds the loose market and the external environment for the enterprise. He always have belief in the future of Lihua Group. Under his leading, Lihua Group would be much grandness in future.



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